La Marachella

As the joke of a child, the name, that was born through small talks and good wine, contains the spirit of ease wich distinguish us.

Wood, stones and exotic plants make the atmosphere elegant and welcoming, creating a family setting to make you feel relaxed just like at home

The passion and dedication to finding the perfect ingredients and creating the most delightful dishes is what makes our history.

La Marachella is not only a restaurant but It’s the story of our family and traditions. After many years of experience, dedication and passion, we are happy to delight our guests withquality ingredients and sophisticated flavors.


A “green oasis” in the most famous walking street in Jesolo.

A fresh, casual and refined location. Candles and scents, jazz and blues music, all surrounded by exotic plants from all over the world in contrast to wood and stones. A balance of emotion that makes “La Marachella” a unique location.
Flavours, scents and emotion.

Flavours, scents and emotion.

Our heart in the kitchen.
Come and discover our dishes and pizzas.