It all starts from the flour but it would be nothing without our culinary background.
For us pizza means an art to protect and innovate.

Research and selection of the top quality products, every day all day.

Supervisor Domenico Mazzarotto


It all starts from here, that’s why we have selected the best flour for our pizza.

We use whole wheat stone-ground at “Molino qauglia” company for a dough of high hydration and thanks to the great amount of water the yeasts react and make the dough more friable and digestible, soft inside and crunchy outside.


Our research on flour and dough would be nothing without an accurate selection of the main products.

From the “Fantoio d’Orazio di Puglia” oil to ”San Marzano” tomato sauce. The selection of our ingredients means quality and tradition for our concept of pizza.


New combination for new flavours, pizza means tradition and innovation.

A large selection of pizzas, from the classic traditional ones to the special selected ingredients ones.